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February 26, 2014




SASKATOON, Feb. 26, 2014  --  The award winning Saskatoon feature film The Shape of Rex has been nominated as Best Feature Film at the 2014 Madrid International Film Festival in Madrid, Spain. The film also received two other nominations, one for Best Actress and one for its musical score.


Vivien Endicott-Douglas earned a nomination as Best Actress in a Feature Film for her performance as Rose, a sixteen-year-old girl with a troubled past growing up in Saskatoon in the 1980s. Endicott-Douglas is a Toronto based actress with an extensive background in film, television and stage. Last year she received a 2013 ACTRA Toronto nomination for the same performance.


Saskatoon musician, composer, arranger and producer Ross Nykiforuk also received a Madrid nomination for Best Music in a Feature Film. Nykiforuk wrote and produced the original score for The Shape of Rex, which he recorded at Glennross Studios in Saskatoon.


The film previously has won the Award of Excellence from the Canadian International Film Festival in Vancouver, and the Award of Merit from both the Indie Fest in La Jolla, California, and the Route 66 Film Festival in Springfield, Ill. It also was nominated as Best Feature film at both the Kansas International Film Festival in Kansas City, Kansas, and the Green Bay International Film Festival in Wisconsin. Last fall it was in competition for the Discovery Award as Best First Narrative Feature at the Calgary International Film Festival.


With a narrative that toggles between the 1980s and the present day, the film is rooted in a reckless romance between 16-year-old Rose (Endicott-Douglas) and Rex (Brett Donahue), a hot-blooded older boy who has a summer job as a disc jockey. They meet again years later, both comfortably married with children. Older Rex (Ryan Hollyman) is now a lawyer, older Rose (Monica Dottor) a stained glass artist. In the name of “unfinished business,” they cautiously embark on an affair that cannot possibly end well, one that never escapes the chilly shadow of a horrific secret that they share. As their respective spouses (Lorne Cardinal and Aviva Armour-Ostroff) confirm their suspicions—he with measured rage, she with withering contempt—two marriages are put to the ultimate test.


The Shape of Rex was shot in the summer and fall of 2011 in and around Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Post-production was completed in the fall of 2012. The film was co-written/directed/produced by Layne Coleman and William Hominuke and marks their film directing debut. Born in North Battleford, Coleman is a well-known Saskatoon actor and theatre director, and formerly the Artistic Director of Saskatoon’s 25th Street Theatre. Subsequently he served for ten years as the Artistic Director at Theatre Passe Muraille in Toronto. Coleman and Hominuke, a Saskatoon resident and former Saskatoon lawyer, previously wrote two stage plays together: Queen’s Cowboy, and Conversations With Girls In Private Rooms, both produced by 25th Street Theatre. They founded Factoria Films in 2010.