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WILLIAM HOMINUKE (Co-Writer/ Director/ Producer)

Bill is a non-practising Saskatoon lawyer who placed his legal career on hold to resume a writing career that began decades ago.  Prior to studying law he worked as a disc jockey in Toronto. While doing voice-overs for radio and television commericals Bill simultaneously worked with Layne Coleman on writing projects for the theatre — most notably Queen’s Cowboy,  hailed by McKenzie Porter in the Toronto Sun as “one of the best Canadian plays of the last decade.” They also co-authored Conversations With Girls in Private Rooms, produced by Saskatoon’s 25th Street Theatre during a landmark theatre season produced by Layne. The Shape of Rex marks Bill’s film debut as co-writer/director/producer, once again with Layne. 

Most recently, Bill has co-written the six-part dramatic television series A Third Solitude, based on the Report of the Commission of Inquiry into Matters Relating to the Death of Neil Stonechild, the life of Jason Roy (the Commission of Inquiry’s key witness), and the Saskatoon Police Services 14-year attempt to keep hidden its involvement in the brutal freezing death of Neil Stonechild. The series shines a light on the role systemic and institutional racism played in the tragic death of a 16-year-old Indigenous boy on a bitterly cold November 1990 night in Saskatoon. To this day, Neil Stonechild’s death remains a rallying cry for the mistreatment of Saskatoon’s Indigenous population at the hands of Saskatoon police and it is arguably the best-known example of the infamous “Starlight Tours,” the practice of police dropping off Indigenous men and women on the outskirts of cities across Canada.

Bill earned a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in Political Studies from the University of Saskatchewan and a Juris Doctor degree from Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto. He was called to the Saskatchewan bar in 1996.